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IP Telephony the most modern telephony services which have all the facilities of another phone service like GSM, CDMA, BTCL and PSTN phone service. In addition to traditional voice service, IP Phone allows a subscriber to transmit and receive video while talking. An IP Phone subscriber can send and receive a call to the following operator. The only difference of IP Phone with another phone service that to use an IP Phone you need a prior internet connection to the IP Phone set or your soft dialer.

IP Phone to any IP Phone operator (Free).
IP Phone to any GSM, CDMA & PSTN Operator (Minimum Rate).
ISD Call, Local Call, Multiple Call in single time.

IP Telephony solution

Special Features of Our IP Telephony and IPPBX Solutions

General Features of our IPTSP/IP-PBX

Online embedded help.
Centralized updates management.
System resources monitor.
Backup/restore support via Web.
Network configurator.
Server shutdown from the web.
Configurable server date, time and timezone.
Access control to the interface based on ACLs.
Backups on an FTP server.
Heartbeat Module.
Elastix Modules at RPMs.
DHCP Client List Module.
Backup Restore Validation.
New Dashboard.
Hardware detector enhancement.
Telephony Hardware Info.
Office Timing.
Special Message.
IVR Settings.
Special Greetings.
Meeting Room.
Video Calling system.

Special Features of our IPTSP/IP-PBX

Call recording.
Conference center with virtual rooms.
SIP and IAX support, among others.
Voicemail-to-Email functionality.
Supported codecs: ADPCM, G.711, G.722, G.723.1 (pass through), G.726, G.728, G.729, GSM, among others.
Flexible and configurable IVR.
Support for analog interfaces as FXS/FXO (PSTN/POTS).
Multiple trunk support.
Incoming and outgoing routes support.
IP terminal batch configuration tool.
Show Caller ID.
Support for video-phones.
Support for follow-me.
Support for ring groups.
Web-based operator panel.
Support for time conditions.
Call parking.
Support for PIN sets.
Call detail record (CDR) report.
Channel usage reports.
Support for call queues.
Operator Panel.

Why Our IP Telephony and IPPBX Service?

NEO Technologies IP Telephony Service is a trusted telephone providing voice communication solutions for Corporate and SME users. The most interesting part is that you don’t need any separate cable or wireless connection for your telephone service; just your computer internet will work fine. You can call any other numbers in the country or outside of the country for the cheapest price.

We transmit the calls G711 voice codec for IP telephony service. Using our IP Phone Service, making calls to any Voice network in Bangladesh and beyond is possible and very easily implemented. All that is needed to connect NEO Technologies IP Phones to the LAN or to connect an ATA (Analog Telephony Adaptor) to the existing company’s PABX. In the latter case, the existing PBX subscribers will be able to make and receive calls to/from any Mobile/BTCL or PSTN network. IP-PBX can also be deployed to act as local PBX with IVR facility and remote office internal communication will remain active. Individual call details & Voice Records, call history is viewable over the web interface. Existing PSTN (BTCL) connections can Co-Exist with our supplied IP Telephony apparatus. NEO Technologies IP Telephony can help reduce phone costs significantly.

We are using G711 voice codec for voice transmit and that is a robust billing server that provides our customers with all the necessary tools to successfully implement a wide spectrum of VoIP business models. This is specifically designed for service providers who want to offer self-hosted or Hosted PBX and/or Broadband VoIP services, including IP PBX, Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Unified Messaging, Conferencing, Call transmit, Auto IVR and more. Our flexible switching device that provides our customers with universal IP-PSTN switching, high flexibility, and remote feature upgradeability.

Best IT Company
Best IT Company

Promotion & Introduce your products to targeted people.
Very competitive call rate all IPTSP Operator-to Any IPTSP Operator free call tariff reduces operational expenditure significantly.
Flexible service (number of channels/connections) can be delivered virtually instantly.
Minimum deployment time compared to other PSTN operator.
Strong Supervisor Panel to monitor all agents.
Customized admin & supervisor panel as required.
Call Recording (all), Blind monitoring, agent performance report, team report etc.

Cost savings
Improved productivity
Voice Messaging
Easy administration
Advanced features
Company Greeting as per requirement

To set up a call center, the subscriber needs the following procedure:

Fill up the BTRC approved application form.
National ID Photocopy of the subscriber.
1 Copy Passport size photograph of the subscriber.
Trade License photocopy.

Call Center BD

IPTSP Tariff Plan and Charges

Particular Description Max. Charge Min. Charge
Signup fee Registration Charge BDT 3000 Free
Monthly Line Rent Monthly Charge BDT 100/Channel Free
Outgoing Calls To any Mobile/PSTN Operator BDT 0.50/min BDT 0.45/min
Outgoing Calls Any IPTSP Operator Free Free
Outgoing Calls International Calls As per Govt. ISD call charges As per Govt. ISD call charges
Incoming Calls From any number domestic/international Free Free
Video Calls One to one video call BDT 0.30/min Free
Cell Phone Pulse Domestic call pulse 60 Sec 1 Sec
BTCL Pulse ISD call pulse 60 Sec 15 Sec

* Signup fee, Monthly Line Rent, Call Charges are depends on Package Type, Usage volume and User type. Please call us for your package.

Best IT Company
Best IT Company

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