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Client Requirements

  • IPPBX Solution

    • Software-Based Solution.
    • In-House Server Setup.
    • Backup Server Setup.
    • Failover Server Setup.
    • Accessible for Android and PC.
    • Voice Record.
    • CDR Report with Extension Wisse.
    • Different Group for Different Outbound Rule.
      • Group-1 User can Call only The Extensions.
      • Group-2 User can Call All Numbers.
      • CDR Report with Extension Wisse.
    • Inbound only Reception.
    • Extensions are Accessible from anywhere in Bangladesh.
  • IT Support

    • Main Server Virtualize for multiple Service and Application.
    • Office Networking PC Troubleshooting.
    • Remote Accessible.
    • IIS Setup.
    • Active Directory Setup.
    • Block unwanted Websites and Unwanted authorize Remote access.
  • 100

    IPTSP Solution

  • 100

    IT Support

IPPBX Solution

We’ve Created VPS for Clients Existing Rack Server. There are 8 VPS Running on single Machine. The client does not need to arrange any other Physical Machine. We are pleased to install the VPS and Client is very helpful.


Deployment Time

2 Working Days (All Phone Configuration, Software Installation, Application Installation and integration)

Final Results

Full System is Running Fine.

Omni Solutions Limited

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