Why Should you buy VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for the virtual private server, Typically a Virtual Machine that hosts your application such as your website or any web applications. We recommend you buy VPS hosting rather than a shared hosting while you are running a busy Newspaper, Magazine, Blog, E-commerce or affiliate Niche site with daily minimum 200 visitors and with growing trend.

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Types of VPS Hosting

VPS can be categorized in a various way that is on Operating Platform or having a control panel installed on it or not. If the machine supplied only without having any control panel is called Un-Managed VPS and with the control panel is called Managed VPS. Hence VPS are typically two types are:

  • Managed VPS (Windows/Linux)
  • Unmanaged VPS (Windows/Linux)

There is another type of VPS that is VPS with a client Operating System Which is Basically used to bypass the Geo restriction.

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Which one should you choose?

It depends on your applications that you are running such as if you are running c-sharp web applications you should go for Windows VPS hosting and if you are running the only website with CMS(WordPress, Joomla etc) then we recommend you to choose a Linux VPS hosting. Now the important issue is Managed or Unmanaged. We highly recommend you to choose a Managed VPS hosting if you are not an expert because it will take enough time and skill to set up web server up running.

Why is NEO Technology VPS is the best?

Well, NEO Technology Offer you both Managed/ Unmanaged and Client VPS. Below are the reason why we are standout out from other providers:

  • We Suggest the best VPS hosting as per your requirement,
  • We test the machine before we deliver it,
  • We help to transfer your data from Old Panel,
  • We set up the fastest control panel for your website.
Virtual Private Network

Last but not least, VPS hosting definitely reduce the risk of hacking of your website.

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity.

৳ 800
1 CPU Core
512 MB RAM
20 GB SSD Space
1 TB Data Transfer
1 IPv4 Address
99.9%- Uptime
9000৳ /Year
600৳ Save/Year
৳ 1500
1 CPU Core
30 GB SSD Space
2 TB Data Transfar
1 IPv4 Address
99.9%- Uptime
17000৳ /Year
1000৳ Save/Year
৳ 2500
2 CPU Core
1.5 GB RAM
50 GB SSD Space
3 TB Data Transfar
1 IPv4 Address
99.9%- Uptime
28000৳ /Year
2000৳ Save/Year
৳ 4500
2 CPU Core
100 GB SSD Space
4 TB Data Transfar
1 IPv4 Address
99.9%- Uptime
50,000৳ /Year
4000৳ Save/Year
৳ 6000
2 CPU Core
150 GB SSD Space
5 TB Data Transfar
1 IPv4 Address
Free Manage Tools
99.9%- Uptime
68,000৳ /Year
4,000৳ Save/Year
৳ 7500
3 CPU Core
250 GB SSD Space
6 TB Data Transfar
1 IPv4 Address
Free Manage Tools
99.9%- Uptime
85,000৳ /Year
5,000৳ Save/Year
৳ 9000
4 CPU Core
350 GB SSD Space
10 TB Data Transfar
1 IPv4 Address
Free Manage Tools
99.9%- Uptime
1,00,000৳ /Year
8,000৳ Save/Year

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