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Petromax LPG Limited

Petromax LPG Ltd. grand journey has turned another chapter of business by investing in LPG sector. Taking into account the depleting reserve of natural gas and declaration of the government LPG as the Primary Fuel, we have started LPG Business. The facility is situated in three different strategically located areas in and across the sea and riverine channels of the country. Total Storage Facility is 6,500 MT, Bottling capacity 10 million cylinders, annually, Satellite Plant: in Rupganj, Dhaka, Two LPG Barge (Logistics) to transport LPG from the main terminal to satellite plant 6 Bulk LPG Road Tanker for LPG distribution.

Petromax LPG Ltd.
17th October, 2017
Call Center, IPPBX
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IPPBX Solution

IP PBX Solution is a cost-effective solution for any organization. Comparison to Traditional PBX Solution it is costly. But for the maintenance and Features, IP PBX Solution is the best solution for any organization for voice communication.
  • Software-Based Solution.
  • In-House Server Setup.
  • Unlimited Extension.
  • IVR Settings.
  • Different Voice for Office Off time.
  • Backup Server Setup.
  • Failover Server Setup.
  • Accessible for Android and PC.
  • Voice Record.
  • CDR Report with Extension Wise.
  • Different Group for Different Outbound Rule.
    • Group-1 User can Call only The Extensions.
    • Group-2 User can Call only the Extensions and IP Phone numbers.
    • Group-3 User can Call the BTCL numbers, Mobile Operator, All Extensions and IP Phone numbers.
    • Group-4 User can Call All Numbers, Including ISD.
  • Inbound only Reception.
  • Integration With Call Center Solution.
  • 6 Channel BTCL Connection Integration.
  • Integration with Mongla Packaging office and Head Office.

Call Center Solution

Call Center Solutions are simply the solution in which the services of a call center are applied to your business. This means that all the calls that came to business are handled by the call center solution.
  • In-House Hosting Solution.
  • Unlimited Extension and Agent.
  • IVR Settings.
  • Backup Server Setup.
  • Failover Server Setup.
  • Agent-wise Report.
  • Shift-Wise Report.
  • Time-Wise Report.
  • CDR Report.
  • Integration With Existing IPPBX Solution.
  • Integration With Traditional PBX Solution.
  • BTCL Connection Integration.
  • GSM Number Integration.
  • Call Center Special Features.

Solution and Deployment

IPPBX Solution

There are 8 VPS Running on single Machine. The client does not need to arrange any other Physical Machine for a different type of application solution. Call center solution and IP-PBX solutions are deployed in different VPS with failover and backup system. We are pleased to install the VPS and Client is very helpful.

Call Center Solutions

We’ve Created VPS for Clients Existing Rack Server. Print Server, HR Management Application, Tally and other applications are running on the single Machine. The client does not need to arrange any other Physical Machine. We’ve installed IPPBX and Call Center Application on the same Physical Hardware in different VPS.

Deployment Time

5 Working Days (All Phone Configuration, Software Installation, Application Installation and integration)

Final Results

Full System is Running Fine with no error.

Petromax LPG Limited.
Youth Group

822/2, Rokeya Sarani, Dhaka-1216
TEL: +88 09678 111000
Email: info@youthbd.com

Always get Instant support and very helpful.
– Engr. Enamul Haque Jewel, Head of IT, Youth Group.

We are trying to provide the best service in the minimum cost. We never compromise our product and service quality.

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